200 Miles away from Home


It’s evident that we all get anxiety from time to time about paying bills and going through about each day stress. Indeed a trip far away from home has the ability to bring us back to life routine refreshed and energized than before. Jovago online hotel booking website gives you the experience of swimming at crystal clear beaches and sunbathing enjoying nature just few kilometers aways from home.

-Outdoor adventure away from Home.

Experts suggests that we all need a break from life’s daily stress and just relax in a new place. Weather your interest is to go for hiking, swimming, wildlife spotting or just throwing a picnic lunch and enjoying nature, Tanzania has it all for you.  It’s guaranteed that you will be back to your home enjoying the outdoor adventures.

Enjoy your raw food

These days your travel will not be complete without enjoying special cousins. Try eating out and enjoy on Tanzania’s special dishes.  From ugali and nyama choma, pilau, fish dishes and chapatti bread restaurants await guests to satisfy your every need of great test of food.  You can also have a picnic lunch enjoying the sun and everything in between.  .

Enjoy the Trip with your Best Friend

Although lone travel is great it is not as great as having your best friend by your side. Evidently you will get the ultimate travel experience with your friend who won’t be able to judge you for being yourself and a little more in your travel.  Enjoy your travel to the fullest with your peer who will make your travel treasured and unforgettable with lots of selfies that will always remind you of your trip.   

Stay away from screens

Do not say that you have taken a vacation and be on your emails and available on your phone. Shutdown from everything and get outdoors and discover destinations. Of course this does not mean you give up on your favorite TV shows.

Try out new things

It’s unfair to travel and yet not to experience things you have not done before. Dare to experience new things you won’t regret it as it will boost your confidence allowing you to discover yourself and abilities. You will not find a single person who has not enjoyed skydiving or performing water sport. In Tanzania you are in great lack. Go to the breathtaking islands and beaches of Mbudya, Bongoyo, Pemba, Nungwi, and Kigamboni to have the ultimate escapade enjoying the unique sports.  


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