EALA mourns fallen former colleague


-Hon Sitta was Tanzania’s former Minister for EAC and at one time, Speaker of the Parliament

The Assembly late yesterday mourned the fallen former Minister for East African Co-operation in the United Republic of Tanzania, the late Hon Samuel J. Sitta.

The House passed a Resolution condoling with the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, family and friends of the late Hon Sitta who passed away in Germany on November 7th, 2016.  The regional Assembly paid tribute to the late Hon. Samuel John Sitta for his outstanding selfless service to the people of the United Republic of Tanzania and the East African Community.

The Resolution moved by Hon Jeremie Ngendakumana and seconded by Hon Shyrose Bhanji termed the late Hon Sitta as illustrious during his life.

“Hon. Sitta was at the realm and a key factor in the East African Community and exhibited strong commitment and faith in the EAC integration process by contributing immensely to the region’s integration process and development in his capacity as Minister of East African Co-operation from 2010 – 2015,” the Resolution says.

The Resolution seconded was supported by Hon Frederic Ngenzebuhoro, Hon Makongoro Nyerere, Hon Maryam Ussi and Hon Taslima Twaha.


Hon Shyrose Bhanji seconded the Resolution condoling with the United Republic of Tanzania following the passing on of Hon Samuel Sitta, former Ex-Officio Member of the EALA

EALA Speaker, Rt Hon Daniel F. Kidega recently sent a message of condolence to the Speaker, Parliament of Tanzania, Rt Hon Job Y. Ndugai and to the friends and relatives of the late Rt. Hon Sitta.

“EALA had the privilege of working closely with the late Rt Hon Sitta both in his capacity as Speaker of the Parliament of Tanzania (2005-2010) and later on as Minister for EAC (2010-2015).

We recall with fond memories that the late Hon Sitta played a critical role in ensuring the pillars of integration continue to be implemented. As Speaker, the late Rt Hon Sitta objectively presided over the Parliament and he will be remembered for delivering wise and precise rulings that strengthened the Parliament of Tanzania, its mandate and welfare”, the message of the EALA Speaker said in part.

As a former Minister for EAC, the late Hon Sitta was an Ex-Officio Member of EALA.


Hon Jeremie Ngendakumana, mover of the Resolution condoling with the United Republic of Tanzania following the demise of Hon Samuel Sitta.  Hon Sitta passed away while undergoing treatment earlier on this month.


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